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    More or less, TNA believes WWE tampered with TNA talent contracts in some fashion, after WWE came forward to them, saying a guy that worked for them(And then WWE) gave them a reported spreadsheet with talent information, like pay and such; essentially giving WWE the edge in getting them to refuse a TNA contract and coming to WWE.

    ...Without WWE actually signing anyone from TNA(I think); Flair was more or less their only evidence, due to his actions after he went to the HoF thing.

    Somewhat; The basis was that WWE did not react in a quick enough fashion to prevent the confidential information from being passed along to those in the WWE who could help the company "benefit" from knowing when an individual contract was up for negotiation or termination. The beef against Weinstein was that he passed along the information. The beef (and lawsuit) against the WWE was due to the time it took them to react once Laurenitis (sp) had his hands on the disc/flash drive implied that they indeed used the confidential information as a way of contacting TNA talent and "persuading" them into not resigning with TNA by means of offering a promissory contract or benefits once they allowed the contract to terminate and jump ship; Think of what Lex Lugar did to WWE when he jumped ship on the inaugural Nitro.

    And Flair WAS the only bit that returned to WWE. However, had this lawsuit not been filed, can we officially say that Morgan, Devon, Vel Vel, Bully, Ey... Any of these talents would have chosen to stay with TNA? The main person that TNA would have been worried about would probably have been Jeff but with TNA dismissing the lawsuit, I would take it as evidence that Jeff and TNA have come to an agreement on contract negotiations. Then again, this is just an assumption and clearly Jeff could take this advantage to leverage a bit out of WWE if VKM took this lawsuit as a personal attack. I feel he'd be willing to offer their top draw a lot of $$$ if he was pissed off over the whole ordeal.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    What would there be to see? It was a simple lawsuit. The only real thing you will "see" is WWE using people like Flair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCollins-TNA1 View Post
    wonder what the terms was,
    Terms were TNA allowing Sting to face The Undertaker at Mania 30, then WWE allowing The Undertaker to face Sting at Bound for Glory 2014


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