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    Idea for a new BTB Thread

    I've seen a couple of these threads going round with different ideas going into them, but I basically would like to go halfers with someone on a BTB thread. Obviously there would have to be ground rules

    1. A commitment to the cause, staying for the long term not doing a disappearing act
    2. Getting shows up on time- once a week, that's it. They don't have to be long drawn out matches, just the results and promos if you want, I don't mind. If you don't have the time to put one up every week, suggest your terms below
    3. Don't get involved in the other guys show, it's their show 100%

    I would also say that each guy can pick 20/30 from WWE/TNA/ROH etc. to begin his show, also must come up with a show name. To begin, there will be a draft, with each of us picking five guys at a time, until we get thirty each. Divas aren't off limits either, unless you aren't into doing divas. Also, any other problems you see, post down below (ONLY IF YOU'RE INTERESTED) and we'll see what the solution is. We also need a name for the company

    if interested, reply below

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