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    A lot of solid points there man.

    I've also noticed a trend in feuds these past few years that bothers me. 2 guys in a feud, in my opinion, should not fight every week. Let them fight other people, and the guy they are feuding with interrupt, or talk shit on the Titantron.

    For example, Ziggler and Cena seem to fight EVERY week. Shouldn't the PPVs be a culmination of events, the big violent physical encounter thats been building for weeks? Kofi and Wade fought every week, that was their IC feud. Team Hell No and Rhode Scholars seem to have been fighting for months. They just recycle who fights who, or the format. I'd much rather see Rhode Scholars beat up on Santino and Ryder, grab a mic and say, "Hey Team Hell No. This will be you at the PPV." It also allows for more of the roster to get some well-deserved matches, while moving feuds further. Just a thought.
    Let them fight every week for me BUT dont do it all the ring lol, As you see let them fight others then have run ins at end of matches, Or back stage segments, parking lot brawls etc...... I mean what you more likely to remember, cena and dolph every week or Stone Cold and booker T fighting in a super market lol,

    They add some aggression to a feud, make it a real grudge match, This stuff as been missing since edge left
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    Did you just troll me? That's so not cool man!


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