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    Quote Originally Posted by TNA 'The very best' View Post
    This might be the stupidest thing I have read on this site, They are Legendary because of what they did in that era. Just like Cena/Orton etc, who are in their prime now, will be seen as Legends in their own right in 10/15 years time.
    If that was the most stupid comment you've seen of this site it was short lived because you sir topped it, Putting Cena and Orton in same category as those guys? Cena and Orton have exceled in a lack lustre roster.

    Quote Originally Posted by WeDominate99 View Post
    People say that the storylines in the AE were better but that is because back then you wouldn't go on an Wrestling site to read spoilers.

    Example: The Rock winning the title of Mankind Survivor Series - No one knew he was with Vince

    Royal Rumble Punk v Rock - how long did we know this was going to happen?
    Yes!!!!!!!! There are few suprises, We all crave a mark out moment...truth is they still happen, we just read about them first
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Did you just troll me? That's so not cool man!


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