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Thread: NXT Season 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Cranium View Post
    Creed as in Consequences Creed? I haven't been following FCW so what is his name now?
    Xavier Woods.
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    anyone else noticed Ziggler wearing the zack ryder shirt haha

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    Anybody been watching this season?

    I try and watch them on youtube, but just wondering who you guys think is going to win it, I'm not really sure if there is a clear winner at this moment.

    My favorite is Derrick Bateman, he's just funny and wacky as hell, he put on a good match with Daniel Bryan on NxT this last week that was pretty sweet. Plus Him and Daniel Bryan I think would develop into a pretty good tag team. Derrick Bateman's got the charisma, Daniel Bryan is fucking skilled... they'd be set.

    Brodus Clay, who has been pretty good, but he's not my favorite.

    Johnny Curtis, who I kind of like, but he acts stupid a lot.

    Ricardo Rodrigeuz.. I know he's not a contestant, but damn he's been funny on that show with that Rat dude, and he even had a match... good shit...

    Anyone else been checking that show out? Who ya thinks going to win?

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    I think all 3 remaining guys have what it takes to make it on the main roster.
    Bateman is very charismatic, and put on a great match with Bryan. I can see them as tag champs.
    Curtis is probably the most skilled in the ring of the remaining guys. I can't see him and Truth forming a team though.
    I have been very impressed with Brodus Clay. For a guy of his size, he's very athletic, and pulls out every suplex in the book!! Clay and Rodriguez as tag champs though? Really?! Not too sure about that!!
    This season is by far the best as far as actual wrestling talent goes. Take away the stupid challenges, we've been treated to excellent wrestling. It's very open as to who wins, my money is probably on Bateman, but I think all 3 (and possibly Saxton) will make it to the main roster eventually.
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    Bateman is my choice.

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    I want Brodus to win, because hes been the standout man for me in this season on NXT. But like you both, I'm sure that Bateman will win. This is because his character was molded to be similar to Daniel Bryan, to form a "nerd" team. I can see that WWE needs more tagteams, and more teateams that make sense, not just some 2 guys thrown together. Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan could be the WWE's answer to that.

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    Batemen has to win! Him and Bryan just gel so well together I feel. Remind me of an E&C type tag team.
    They have be called DB Squared!

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    Brodus Clay has impressed me very much so.
    His finisher is cool looking aswell.
    But honestly i beleive Bateman will win, the guy has personaility and a bit of ring talent.

    Id love to see Brodus Clay win though, he could be quite a dominant figure, and his movest, for a big guy, is quite impressive.

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    Mr DB of the WWE will win NXT. Oh it's true! Oh it's damn true!!

    I'm waiting for Percy Watson to come kick some ass =]  226

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATTHEW View Post
    Mr DB of the WWE will win NXT. Oh it's true! Oh it's damn true!!

    I'm waiting for Percy Watson to come kick some ass =]
    true we are all waiting for percy to start kicking ass xD
    i would like to any of those guys to win i mean all three win xD bcuz i rly have no favoritism in here


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