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    Unhappy What A Disappointment!

    Just finished watching the 20th Anniversary of RAW, what a load of old tosh.
    First of all it started with a terrible segment with Alberto del Rio and Big Show, which didn't really go anywhere.
    Then the WWE Champion CM Punk (who in my opinion should have been in the main event) had a random match against Brodus Clay, they've made Brodus look weak of the last few months so I don't know how it really helps Punk look impressive that he got him to tap.
    The Rick Flair section made no sense, apart from Antonios comments towards Flair which I thought were on the money.
    The main event was weak, again I don't understand why Cena won, I thought they were building up Ziggler?, they basically made out that even with help Ziggler can't win a match against a man who has been on a loosing streak for months.
    No surprise appearances either from WWE Legends.
    Plus an ending that reminded me of an old Monday Nitro ending when they couldn't think of a better way to end the show.
    All in all a big let down & bad booking, doesn't really inspire me to purchase the Royal Rumble.
    I don't like moaning but felt it should have been so much more, maybe I expected too much.
    What did everyone else think of it?

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    Well, HBK and Stone Cold had other commitments, so they couldn't appear. But, it's true, I expected more for the 20th Anniversary. It sucked ass

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    That wooing was outright awful. Reminded me of the Hogan-Flair woo-off in TNA...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWRC View Post
    That wooing was outright awful. Reminded me of the Hogan-Flair woo-off in TNA...
    Raw has become pretty weak of late but things should really pick up very soon. Perhaps as soon as the next Raw from San Jose, Ca. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are set to return and some rumored big names could make an appearance this time around.

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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    this was weak, the woo woo segment between ric flair and miz was weak and EMBARESSING soo soo fucking embaressing to watch
    cena beating ziggler means one thing! " 2012 was cena's worst year" so 2013 will be cena's best year, cmon guys just work those brains of urs this is how wwe thinks and does things.
    i didnt thought alberto del rio promo on big show was that bad but yea we didnt saw many great appearences, i was expecting EDGE, LITA, TRISH STRATUS, CHRIS JERICHO, TRIPLE H, UNDERTAKER, SHAWN MICHAELS, STONE COLD....the names go on and on and on..but yea dissapointed, stupid useless garbage this show was.
    I still believe RR will deliver but with crap like this with this type of bad booking i really aint giving too much expectations.

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    What made it worse is the classic RAW moments they showed throughout the show, just reminded you of how good it was / could be!

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    Had it just been a normal Raw.. I would have enjoyed it more, but because it was the 20th Anniversary I could not help but be a little disappointed like you guys. Here's some things I didn't like:

    I love the Rock, but his "Concert" was too short for my liking and then the ending with Punk came across very scrappy and I understand brawling is meant to look scrappy, but I was not feeling it.

    Flair/Miz Segment was disappointing for me too, Good seeing Flair and some of his comments made me laugh, but there's been so many Miz Tv moments I'm starting to get a little bored of the Miz already (I'm not a massive fan and I would rather him stayed heel) I fought they would have gone with another Punk/Flair segment.

    Foley's hall of fame announcement.. I really like the shield and them coming down made me hate them a little for ruining Foley's moment (Job done as Heels) but again.. this could have been better, I would have liked to have seen the video package of career highlights like they normally do, then have Foley speak a few words and then have the Shield come down if they have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWRC View Post
    That wooing was outright awful. Reminded me of the Hogan-Flair woo-off in TNA...
    The Miz "woo-in" made no sense what so ever. Would've made sense if Miz was a heel, but it did nothing for me.

    I never saw the Hogan one in TNA, But i saw how TNA butchered that rivalry. and didn't care for it.

    The only best Woo-off I liked was when him and Kurt Angle had it out back in 2005 on Raw. Mainly because I was hoping they would've fought at Summer Slam(which was some weeks later) Kurt sounded funny. Even King said, "Ha! It's a Woo-off!" Of course Jerry "Yes Man" Lawler had to reuse that line to try and make Miz seem fun and enjoyable. I just boo'ed that part. It really showed how they are trying to shove Miz down everyone's throats for fans to accept him.


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