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    Unhappy What A Disappointment!

    Just finished watching the 20th Anniversary of RAW, what a load of old tosh.
    First of all it started with a terrible segment with Alberto del Rio and Big Show, which didn't really go anywhere.
    Then the WWE Champion CM Punk (who in my opinion should have been in the main event) had a random match against Brodus Clay, they've made Brodus look weak of the last few months so I don't know how it really helps Punk look impressive that he got him to tap.
    The Rick Flair section made no sense, apart from Antonios comments towards Flair which I thought were on the money.
    The main event was weak, again I don't understand why Cena won, I thought they were building up Ziggler?, they basically made out that even with help Ziggler can't win a match against a man who has been on a loosing streak for months.
    No surprise appearances either from WWE Legends.
    Plus an ending that reminded me of an old Monday Nitro ending when they couldn't think of a better way to end the show.
    All in all a big let down & bad booking, doesn't really inspire me to purchase the Royal Rumble.
    I don't like moaning but felt it should have been so much more, maybe I expected too much.
    What did everyone else think of it?


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