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    Is the wrestling business dying?

    Since WWE purchased it competition, its no secret that wrestling has been on the down slide. However, how many people could forsee just how much of a slide it has been?

    WWE has not only managed since 2001 to lose more than half its audience, but also managed not gain more fans from the defunct WCW or ECW companies.

    How many wrestling fans have given up and gone to find a new hobbie over the last deacde. Can anyone provide the numbers?

    WWE has gone from having multiple main eventers, who could all perform at the highest level and carry the ball, to having one true main eventer who half the audience detests.

    WWE have drafted The Rock back in to the fold in order to bring some main stream publicity and also help bring their roster up to the next level. Is this enough?

    Like the Rock or not. WWE needs him and the roster needs him. But is this too late. Who is the new audience they are hoping to gain. Are the wrestling fans they lost going to come back? I just dont see it any time soon.

    There is talk of Steve Austin returning also. It can be, like the Rock, a good short term fix, but who does it help in the long run.

    The comparisons to the attitude era need to end. WWE talks about it! If they look down on the current era when comparing it to the attitude era, why on earth do they think they can convince me to spend money buying a PPV that they have admitted will not be as good as one i bought 15 years ago?!?

    I have watched my whole life and it has become apparent that the section of fans that WWE is least concerned about, is its own core audience. As we are stupid enough to buy the PPV's anyway.

    So instead of making new stars and putting effort into making interesting Raw and Smackdown shows, why not just wheel out the Undertaker once a year, employ that fat wench from Jersey Shore, give Ric Flair another run, rub HHH's ego, shove Cena a little further down our throats, bring rock or austin back, and halt CM Punk's rise with a crappy heel run, because they simply dont care anymore. They are embarrassed about being a wrestling company and in about 10 years time will be a movie production company who runs a couple wrestling shows on the side.

    RANT OVER! I'm turning the internet off and I'm going outside! yes its come to that!


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