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    Stupid, stupid kid!!!!

    OK. I was just thinking the other day about the stupid things I once believed or thought about while I was a kid. such as when WCW was giving away the results of the Raw shows when I'd tune in, I honestly stayed tuned because when I hear Rock's or Stone cold's names mentioned, I though they were telling who was gonna be on the show. Or I thought Mick Foley and Man Kind were completely different people. Yeah, I was a meathead back in the day. But now I wanna hear what people thought as kids. probably about wrestling or anything else.

    Or else that dogs and cats were simply the same species but just made into two different categories of the same type of animal, with same build but different heads. Or thought I'd fall straight up into the sky if I was in an open field and stared at the sky for a long while.

    But don't put anyone else down for their beliefs, unless you know'em or inside jokes or something. keep it Rated R for retarded.


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