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    Im a Paul Heyman Guy

    Ok, if Rock wins the title, the plan is for Cena to wrestle Rock at instead of Punk going on to fued and try to get his title back right away what if they do this. Punk enters the rumble...What if when he enters, on his way down, hes wearing his "Im a Paul Heyman guy" T-shirt...then during the rumble Brock does a run-in and costs Punk the chance of winning, setting up two of Heymans guys vs each other, and giving a reason for Punk to pursue. Storyline can be built strong because they have Heyman in common...I know Brock cant wrestle if his life depended on it, but like i said this could keep Punk busy until Mania is done.

    and yes i know its better to have Punk vs Taker, or any other good preformer...its just a thought


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