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    WWE - Gutcheck

    I read on the main page several days ago about WWE wanting to do a gutcheck style show (apparantly). I just had, what i think, is a brilliant concept idea.
    Why don't they incorporate a well loved gimmick into this gut check to make it different? Which gimmick? King of the ring!

    Have 8 of their top 'rookies' compete for a spot on the main roster. Where this tournament takes place, who knows. Possibly NXT for qualifications, Raw/Smackdown they could run the Quarter finals then at a PPV the semis or just the final match.

    I think it would be a different way to introduce a new talent. There's plenty of opportunities to swerve too, as there is rarely one or two that people believe will be called up - Currently i've heard Richie Steamboat, Leo Kruger, "fandago" and Kassius Ohno are high on the list of call ups. There's also the surprises like Big E (who had just won the NXT title), Roman Reigns (who wasn't a prominent person on NXT) and Ambrose (who people kept hoping would show up, but there was never an indication he actually would!).


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