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    WWE - Gutcheck

    I read on the main page several days ago about WWE wanting to do a gutcheck style show (apparantly). I just had, what i think, is a brilliant concept idea.
    Why don't they incorporate a well loved gimmick into this gut check to make it different? Which gimmick? King of the ring!

    Have 8 of their top 'rookies' compete for a spot on the main roster. Where this tournament takes place, who knows. Possibly NXT for qualifications, Raw/Smackdown they could run the Quarter finals then at a PPV the semis or just the final match.

    I think it would be a different way to introduce a new talent. There's plenty of opportunities to swerve too, as there is rarely one or two that people believe will be called up - Currently i've heard Richie Steamboat, Leo Kruger, "fandago" and Kassius Ohno are high on the list of call ups. There's also the surprises like Big E (who had just won the NXT title), Roman Reigns (who wasn't a prominent person on NXT) and Ambrose (who people kept hoping would show up, but there was never an indication he actually would!).


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    I think that was mostly Matt suggesting an idea.

    It would be good though, if WWE booked it right and built it up(Despite being the promoting machine they are... they are doing a shit job at promoting things)
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    Yeah, that's where i saw it actually! Good shout.

    I just think it would add something a little different whilst actually promoting the development show. You don't see any mention of it on Raw or Smackdown. It might help having, for example, Kassius vs Richie Steamboat in the final and Steamboat wins. People may think, "wow, Kassius ohno is pretty entertaining. Where can i watch more of him?" Mentioning NXT would then help pull in more viewers.
    Plus, it would give two (or four) near ready competitors the chance of PPV exposure. I mean, it didn't hurt the shield! Pretty much had a major match just weeks after debuting.

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    NXT Season 1 - Final wasn't that WWE GUTCHECK?

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    When you think about it, they've always done this type of stuff. We got Cena from the Angle Challenge thing that they were doing. I don't think it will be anything different than what they've always sort of done with particular storylines.

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    Basically it would be Tough Enough again except for the odd NXT talent who would then win the show and be released.


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