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    Minority report

    After posting this reply in a tread about ADR as WHC, I wanted to have some more opinions on this. What's the general response you get about watching wrestling?

    Original posted by Robstar
    Before someone else says it - sure, now everyone is jumping on the Del Rio bandwagon when you all hated him before! Stupid IWC! You're all stupid and just because I post on an internet website doesn't mean I'm a part of the IWC because I say I'm not! So there! Nyah!
    That said, I have decided that after his lackluster heel run, ADR is finally resonating with fans as a face and this win has served to put him over the top. You could sense the emotion in the win, that it happened on Smackdown and not really expected only adds to it's appeal. Plus, who doesn't want to see Alberto come around and start treating that perennial 5 and a half feet of awesome that is Ricardo Rodriguez with the respect he deserves?
    In 3 months they did with ADR what they haven't been able to do with Snore Cara this whole time.

    First off, it is never about loving or hating a wrestler, a company or a storyline.. For me, it's about being part of a minority that has been watching wrestling for about 25 years and thanks to websites like this one here, I am able to talk, discuss and openly speak my mind about something that has always been part of my life. The few people that know this just accept it and give me the 'uhuh kind nod'-thing, but I don't see myself walking into a bar with my friends and ask them how they feel about ADR as WHC or who do they think, delivers the best standing dropkick, or... nevermind...

    IWC : Internet Wrestling Community. If you know a good RLWC (Real Life Wrestling Community) in Belgium, please let me know; I might attend a meeting one day...


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