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    Quote Originally Posted by THE HEARTBREAK KID View Post
    Good shows man.

    A little advice, the Raw opening segment was good man.. I would suggest maybe spacing it and brake it down into paragraphs though so it's easier for people to read.

    I'm glad to be seeing Barrett doing well.

    Interested to see who is this masked man and why he attacked Rey.

    Good ending to Raw with the Rock standing tall at the end.

    Awesome to see Tyson Kidd getting the push in your BTB, I'm hoping he can beat Barrett now!

    Loved the sound of the street fight match and the added extra with Dolph, please tell me didn't lose his MITB Briefcase though and he failed the cash in?

    Keep it up man!
    Will do bruv!

    Dolph didn't lose the briefcase, the bell didn't ring.

    Cheers for the feedback mate!


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