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    how aboot this?

    The iwc keeps clamoring for title prestige in the wwe and new and fresh stars in the title scenes. Where as the wwe has regained relevence with a 400 sum odd reign by a certain someone and the world heavyweight title having matches become the show stealer.... and the fact that its soon to be held by a show off... i want to touch upon the midcard titles. The US and IC championships. While the IC title has, in my eyes at least, become relevent and interesting again since it was held by cody rhodes, the US hasnt had the same luck. Although im really enjoying Cesaro as a champ and hes making the title interesting again, which hasnt been the case for quite some time now. But heres my idea, you want those belts to feel more important and have the holder of the belt really feel like a top contender in the company? Give it its own annual rumble match! No, not at the rumble. I like to think of this happening at survivor series. It can be an annual battle royal of about 10-20 stars and the winner gets to pick whether he wants to compete for the IC or US title at the next "big 4" ppv. I think its summerslam? I may not be right there. But anyways that gives the winner plenty of time to pick which belt he will compete for and build up a strong rivaly with the current champion. I know its a bit of a rehash of a gimmick but i think it could draw more attention back to those belts, which with their historys, they deserve. I know this will never happen but i think itd be neat and was wondering what my iwc bretheren thought... or if they (most likely) had a better idea.


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