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    A Super Heavyweight Title

    I know what you're thinking but hear me out here. The trend of wrestling these days is to incorporate guys of all shapes and sizes into the roster. In WWE we have guys as wide ranging in appearance as Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Christian diametrically opposed to guys like Big Show, Great Khali and Brodus Clay.

    So, rather than bringing back a light heavyweight or cruiserweight title, why not bring in a Super Heavyweight title for the larger guys? One of the qualifying measures for this belt could not only be weight and height but muscle mass and strength as well - that way guys like John Cena and Sheamus are put in this division also. Such a scheme would allow for the amalgamation of the WWE and World titles and add a new and possibly more exciting element to the WWE.

    The division is already there:
    Big Show
    Great Khali
    Big E Langston
    John Cena
    Ezekial Jackson
    Brodus Clay
    Mason Ryan
    Mark Henry
    Brock Lesnar

    At least with the Heavies and the Super Heavies divided up, I think we'd see better matches as you don't have a situation where the smaller guy is carrying (so to speak) the bigger guy through many of their match spots. And, in the case of the Super Heavies, at least we'll know to only expect so much from them and their matches.

    I don't really expect this to happen but I thought it was an interesting idea!


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