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    Kaitlyn Divas Champ next week?

    So it was announced that Kaitlyn would get another match for the Divas Championship. What do you think about? Do you think she's ready? In my opinion I think she's ready for it and I'm getting tired of Eve with it, it's boring but then again the divas division is always boring

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    Pros: kaitlyns in ring performance has really progressed and their matches really arent that bad.

    Cons: she kinda looks like the ice box from the movie "the little rascals".

    Im fine with her becoming divas champ... and i think the match itself will be decent.

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    I think she deserves a chance. I always get irrtated when people win the title to quickly after joining the main roster, but I think she's earned the belt. It's not like it really means anything at the moment though, maybe just a popularity title, but if it was...then maybe AJ should be champion. Plus it might look good if she can feud with AJ, and Nattie. Kaitlyn's kind of musclar.

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    I liked her match with Eve on RAW, and I think Eve sucks. She's ready.

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    I think Kaitlyn might win this time, Raw is in Houston,Texas nd thts Kaitlyn's hometown. I think she's ready for it plus Eve is starting to get boring.

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    I think she needs to win the title this time. In my opinion. She should win and retain against Eve at the rumble. Then AJ should bring up her friendship/ rivalry with Kaitlyn again so that they can have a nice feud running into Mania.

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    If Kaitlyn does not win next RAW, then she will at RR

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    It's going to be in her hometown, it's a historic episode, and this is title shot #7.
    Yes, she will be Divas Champion in 3 days.
    that makes sense


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