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    A Dolph Ziggler Vs Miz Feud

    I was watching last week's smackdown and Dolph Ziggler AND Miz put on a great match. And the way it ended where Miz talked trash about AJ and got beat down by Big E was pretty cool. It showed that even when The Miz is down he will still talk trash, and try to get back up. I fill these two should put on a great feud, they have shown that they can have great promos together dating back to there quick exchange on Main Event some time ago. I would love to see these two go at it and this could really elevate the both of them.

    thoughts on this?

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    I'd love to see it, but unless Miz wins the Rumble, it's probably not happening anytime soon.

    Miz is no doubt getting pushed right now as a face, but Ziggler is getting the even bigger push as a heel. The 2 matches they had was to let Ziggler go over. Still expect to see Miz win the United States title and Dolph to win the World Heavyweight title by Mania.

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    HELL. YES. I've said in every WM prediction page that I'd much rather see Ziggler vs Miz, than Ziggler vs Orton. They have awesome chemistry in the ring and on the mic. Check out those vids...

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    for the world title? Absolutely!

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    It would be a great feud.


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