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    I guess this is why we have our own opinions huh? Yeah I agree that Batista was at the level of cena but Batista was around for years wasn't he? Thought so... He didn't get a fair push in my opinion but then again no one gets a good push now a days
    You thought so? You thought so what? Yeah, so many years! 10 - count 'em - 10 whole years!! 8 if you don't count OVW! Let's see, who else was around for years? Viscera/Big Daddy V - the guys almost a 20 year veteran! Jacques Rougeau/The Mountie - he gave 23 years! Brutus Beefcake is still hanging around the fringes as a 33 year veteran!

    Does it automatically make them any good? Not on your life. Batista, had he debuted in any other era would have been mid card at best. But thanks to the Goldberg (7 years in the biz! SEVEN!!!) phenomenon of "push-em-cos-they-look-good", Batista fluked it into the main event scene. And Batista isn't worth half a Goldberg - hell, he isn't even a Big Show.


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