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    post wrestlemania cleaning

    This time of the year again, since there is no "mcmahon senate run" there will be a post wrestlemania cleaning for sure.

    who do you think will be "future endeavoured" and why??

    my picks:

    ryder: he is very vocal about his status in wwe and is too deep in jobber zone

    tatsu: he is rarerly used and is also stuck in jobber zone

    hawkings: he is injured and before that he wasnt relevant

    alicia fox: she is also not being used and not a very good diva according to me

    hunico: its a shame, he is a great talent and needs some repackaging, i hope he makes it

    mason ryan: wwe already has ryback, which i think it was ryans spot, he is not needed anymore

    who i want to get endeavoured;

    hornswaggle: to cheesy for me

    the great khali: i know he draws big on india,but i dont enjoy seeing him in the ring and also wwe could bring jinder mahal to a good midcard spot

    who will get saved just by an inch:

    the usos: i like this tag team, and i think they are enough over with the crowd to stay

    primo and epico:same as above, plus there were recent rumors of carlito returning so...

    rosa mendes: since there is a lack of divas she will stay a while longer

    ezekiel jackson: he is injured and could be repackaged for another good gimmick


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