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    Quote Originally Posted by VanHooliganX View Post
    Also what does a fanfiction video of these 2 fighting prove? I know of 3 series/animations/sprite fights of Goku vs Superman. Using any of these to prove you point does fuck all. Hell, I could go on Deviantart and find a fanfiction of Superman doing gay stuff to another superhero. With your logic this proves Sups is gay then cause the picture "proves" it. Flawed logic.
    Did you watch the video at all? it wasn't just a fan video, they used basic science laws to prove where goku's strength came from and used math to prove how fast goku could fly according to DBZ. both numbers were smaller than the numbers that superman put up. the one thing that goku has on superman is the knowledge of how to fight from a life long training of the martial arts, but superman isn't a joke either. Superman trained with batman, a man who is much smarter and grasps many more forms of martial arts than goku. your jokes about the flaws in my logic are nothing more than that.

    as for the batman comments the reason they were relevant is because you said batmans advantage over superman was his martial arts training which would be true, but only in very extreme cases. For the most part batmans main advantage would be the fact that he is a master at deciphering clues and planning for fights, an advantage that is unique to batman and not relevant to goku.


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