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Thread: Langston?

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    <a href="" target="_blank"> Hey guys, I didn't get to watch Main Event last night, but I saw this video on wwe's youtube page, the ending with Langston, Ziggler and AJ was kinda funny, It kinda surprised me cause he seems so serious all the time, although, does he usually stutter when he talks or was that a reenactment from a movie?

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    Yeah I feel the same because he acts so serious and then when he talks its like a complete 180 lol.

    Idk if I like it

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    Seemed pretty cool to me

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    very cool good to see him having a personality
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    LOL Hey Daylight! fucking classic

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    Needs to cut a full-fledged promo before I judge him on his mic-skills.

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    He was stuttering big time. I did not enjoy that at all. I can see him ending up with a Jack Swagger "don't make fun of my voice" gimmick.

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    Langston isn't very good on the mic. He's got a long ways to go. Going back to his FCW days he rarely spoke. But it's nice to see him say something finally on camera. We seen many wrestlers come from not being able to talk on camera or cut a promo to become really good at it. I would give him some time...I'm sure he'll pick it up.

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    Big E is to talking as Kevin Nash is to working.

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    I think he was making fun of matthiews with the stutter. But I hope they put him with Zig for promo help and travel advice. Wel see I really enjoy his destruction and 5 count in NXT.

    YES! YES! YES!

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