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    Red face WWE and WHC scenario at WM 29 : * Containing Smackdown spoiler*

    Just a little prediction for WM 29 for WWE championship and the Wold Heavyweight championship but a little different than the rest:
    For WWE Championship, I really want to CM Punk to somehow retain his title with help of shield..just because they saw injustice when The Rock was handed the title shot without being even on the show throughout the year..then during their rumble Cena also comes out to help The Rock against shield but by some way he costs his championships opportunity..this way you can fuel to rock cena saga well their are so many doors open one on one match or a tag match against shield anything can happen..but for rumble surprise surprise christian returns and he wins the rumble..and goes after WWE championship..He's remains the underdog throught their feud..but finally he wins the big one on the grandest stage of all. wrestlemania.. This two can give us a great match to be honest..

    For WHC : so del rio winning the championship is a better option for me because this opens the door for Ziggler.. Ziggler somehow becomes the no.1 contender for WHC at WM either by rumble or by any means..then he goes onto face del rio..they have a nice fight..aj and ricardo have their own little fued in between..but del rio ables to make ziggler tap out..but wait a minute..he looks outside to find ricardo but he's laid out and here coames langston..and the big ending..Ziggler comes into his senses cashes his MIB contract cover for just a two count here comes superkick follwed by a zig zag.....1...2...3....!!!! their we have it our new WHC Dolph Ziggler..

    I know it will never happen but still....
    Thoughts please.......??


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