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    A couple of what ifs involving Austin.

    I am going to take my time and waste it on the worst kind of discussion ever...what if scenarios. This is not going to be about Austin and Punk...there are enough threads about that. There are a few moments that I wander would happen if things went a tad bit differently.

    We all remember Austin's failed heel turn in 01. The Austin character turned very weird. I haven't heard it officially but I feel a big reason why Austin was made leader of the Alliance was because WWE lacked the more established WCW stars at the time. I wonder what matches would have happened if WWE had everyone at the time. Maybe Austin vs Goldberg at invasion. I can't picture Austin letting Goldberg get over the way the Rock did. I do picture Austin being the leader of the WWE on camera.

    The most talked about proposed match for Austin was him and Hogan. I am aware it didn't happen in 02 because neither man was willing to let the other win. Both are in bad shape right now. I think a good way to have had it happen would have been Austin vs red and yellow Hogan (complete with WCW American made theme). It would have been WCW's top guy vs WWE's. I am also very curious to see if fans would boo Austin the way they did Rock @ wrestlemania x8.

    My last and most curious what if is a bit of a curve ball. Imagine if the ECW relaunch was attempted in 01 or 02 (in 01 if WWE never bought WCW..or in 02 as part of the brand extension thing) or simply imagine Austin was capable of coming back and Wrestling again. What if instead of cena and was Austin vs Rvd. Would Austin get the same kind of heat that Cena does knowing he was an ECW original and that he is a better wrestler and more popular? Would fans boo him the way they did Rey Mysterio for being his WWE form? I think a clean van dam victory would have been a great passing of the torch moment and they could even play off the promo from the alliance angle where they fought and Austin said that in a few years Van Dam would become champion....or if it weren't for the neck injuries a better match would be Austin and Taz..especially the way they had Austin stomp him out repeatedly.

    what if?


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