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    Next Push

    so of all the guys on the roster that are getting love from people on boards like this who will get the next push??

    heres my list of guys i wanna see get pushed

    1) The Uso's- well deserving of a TT titles match they get over with the crowd so well!
    2) Justin Gabriel- love him with kidd but i like him more as a singles, plus i like the usos more as a true tag team
    3) Paige- ive been hearing alot bout her and she is kinda hot plus i wanna see more wrestling divas
    4)Cory Graves- Love his gimmick would love to see him at least on smackdown.
    5) Rollins- its a whiles away but i cant wait to see him out of the shield and doing real matches!
    6) A-ry- dude has so much talent plus awesome theme music
    7) Mason Ryan- Could be a great feud with Ryback somewhere down the line
    8) Naomi- another Diva that i loved watching wrestle athletic as hell for a diva
    9) Tyson Kidd- Dude can flat out fly!

    ill leave # 10 for you guys to fill in or if you want make your own list just wanna hear what you guys think??
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    Did someone mention Paige.

    It'll probably be Leo Kruger but I want Bray Wyatt.

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    lovin the GIF at the bottom . i seen her leaving raw monday! so sexy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Did someone mention Paige.

    It'll probably be Leo Kruger but I want Bray Wyatt.
    Nope. Your eyes are getting old. Go home and get some sleep.

    The next push, big or small, in my mind, will be Brad Maddox. With the way Heyman keeps brushing him off, this might lead to a possible face turn to try and get him over with the crowd or just have him involved in a bigger storyline down the road.

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    rollins or kidd,

    i think wwe is really dropping the ball with kidd, they could put a mask on him and make him heel and we could have some very interesting feuds

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    PTP, Kidd, Gabriel, Britani Knight.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    I think it needs to be a tag team. We have more teams but we need to build them up so the fans can take them serious. The Usos would be my pick.



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    HMM what Paige was said it was good!

    Yeah i would like to see Bray Wyatt and his Family get a push i love the angle kind of a Charles Manson feel to it.

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    They should give Curt Hawkins some sort of push or recognition. Once he is healed up bring him back as a face as Christian's student. Have Christian play the mentor role or have them be a tag team.

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    i enjoy jr's blog over on his bbq sauce site, and he has been VERY accurate predicting ,in a way without saying it, the next stars to come up.

    6 months ago he made mentions of ambrose and rollins after his trips to fcw. about 3 months ago he mentioned how impressive reigns was looking and talking about his football background and samoan legacy. last month he mentioned langston before his debut on the main roster.

    recently he has mentioned graves and wyatt. so those are my picks. i really thought graves would get a shot when smackdown was in pittsburgh as he has roots and a loyal fanbase out of that city. i thought the maddox bit would be his.

    oh well, just a matter of time, and i give trips all the credit in the world for giving these kids a shot...


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