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    3Mb/ Raw in tampa

    so i was in attendance monday for raw. though i had a good time it was also alot of dull moment. mainly because of stupid 3mb why were they on raw so much! it was annoying why not make shemus fight kofi ,even though they are both faces, and have Big Show KO jinder Mahal , he is such a jobber . i got excited when i seen kofi to then see him get knocked out pissed me off! 3mb shouldnt be on tv and if they are drew mcintyer should be wrestling not sorry ass mahal. people like the USO's and Tyson kidd and Gabriel should have been on . and cesaro, he is starting to grown on my so why have him fight khali that was a boring match! minus the nuturlizer it was boring!! the rock and Punk promo was epic though i will say that . and if you attended the show, what happened after it went off the air was awesome! lol

    SideNote: i cant spell lol
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