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    Wwe ppvs

    ive been thinkin lately about the wwe ppvs and to be honest, they have too many. And also they have too many gimmick ppvs. So my question is, which PPV's will u get rid of and which gimmick ppvs should get the boot?

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    Let try this another way, let's keep:

    Royal Rumble
    Survivor Series
    In Your House...Oh wait, that's obsolete

    Basically, the PPV's seemed more worthy when they were limited and not on a monthly basis!

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    Why keep MITB? There's already the MITB match and Wrestlemania. 3 Briefcases in a year waters it down.
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    I think they should bring back the old classics like No Mercy, Unforgiven, Backlash, Judgement Day and Armageddon. Just axe all the gimmick PPV's!

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    If there were different headliners each month they wouldn't need to decrease the amount of PPV's as they would seem fresh. Having the same two guys go at it 2-4 times on the trott is ludicrous. Having them meet in the ring in-between PPV's is retarded. Seriously.
    All most PPV matches are nowadays is a way to further a feud rather than a stand alone match and this is wherein lies the biggest problem.
    It's time to start letting the matches themselves sell the show rather than the promise of a gimmicked cage or a ladder.
    I agree with eddie18 in the sense that they do need to bring back the non gimmicked shows. It completely devalues the importance of the gimmick if it doesn't fit into the natural progression of a feud. All it is simple psychology and common sense.
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    yes you are totally rite-With a different main event each month, it mixes things about. We wont know who to expect in the main event of the PPV. But seriously, gimmick PPv's have to go! It's boring having 3 HITC on one card, HITC's should be unique! Same with MITB, TLC matches and elimination chambers!


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