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    The only problem with this is if Ryback can actually Shellshock Big Show. This guy had trouble Shellshocking Tensai and Heyman. I think having Ryback to try and Shellshock with Big Show at Wrestlemania is a big risk considering his former history of not being able to lift people.
    It's somewhat lame, but it is a solution to the problem: They can always go the makeshift finisher route. By that I mean, he can get Show into the Shellshock by some other means than stacking him from the ground. Like, he can pick him up from the second turnbuckle or something.

    Agreed with Tommy though. Show's turned heel/babyface too many times in the past couple years. Keep him heel for now. Feud him with Ryback at Mania. Cesaro will get his moment in due time, the guy is a stud.

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