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    Wrestling Families:

    Firstly, I'm not sure if this is the right place to do such a thread or if this topic has been talked about before but here goes:

    In wrestling history, one of the oldest tricks has been to name a wrestler after another famous wrestler and claim that they are related to get the fans excited for the newcomer. However this is not always the truth, I'm someone who likes seeing the family tree's of wrestlers and so on.. so I thought we could use this thread to point out some real wrestling relations and point out the ones that are actually fake.

    So I will start with some:


    .Kane is not related to Undertaker or Paul Bearer. (Pretty much everyone knows that.)

    .Christian is not related to Edge, there best mates. (I actually thought they were brothers growing up.)

    .Crimson and Amazing Red are not brothers. (Again, I thought they were but It said on a couple of websites that there not, anyone know for sure?.)

    .Sherri Martel is not related to Rick Martel.


    .Camacho is son of Haku. (Had no idea until I read this online.)

    .Roman Reigns is the son of Sika from the Wild Samoans and brother of Rosie. (Pretty cool, my sister actually told me this)

    .Bo Rotundo and Bray Wyatt are Brothers and are the sons of IRS and grandsons of Black Jack Mulligan. (If you have watched NXT you will already know this.)

    .Memo Montenegro is the brother of Del Rio, son of Dos Caras and the nephews of Mil Mascaras and Sicodelico (That name? lol. Thank Google for the Information)

    .HBK's wife is former Nitro girl, Whisper.

    Okay, so there's a couple from me Do you have any? Please share if you do.

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