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    What will you be remembered for on EWN?

    At some stage or another everybody dies. When people die, they get, buried or cremated or thrown in the bottom of a river with cement boots, whatever it's not really important. The point is that everybody leaves behind something that they can be remembered by, something that defines them. What I want from this thread is to see what users think other users have done that has impacted this site and what they will be remembered for. What have people done that makes you know who they are here. What do you remember about users who are no longer with us? What do you think you will be remembered for on this site.

    This could be as much as saying Aloisick will be remembered for being batshit crazy and almost destroying the E-fed section before lawyering up and threatening to take the site down in a civil suit. Or as simple as what would be on a user's EWN Tombstone. for example:

    "B-MAC: POSTSLUT SINCE Jan 2012"

    "Tommy Thunder: I Did Just quote myself."

    "AshleyPunk: Lol Smileyface"

    "Robstar: Fack The E-fed"

    Now I know that this won't be seen as a great thread by any means, but I'm trying to contribute to the boards in someway, so anyone else that feels like putting forward their ideas about why people will be remembered on these boards for the rest of EWN's existence, feel free.

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