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    I think it was Edge that brought up the streak to go up against his streak at the wrestlemania that they faced off in. If Edge wouldn't have done that, nobody would remember the taker's streak as it is remembered now. Also, is it reallly a streak if he missed Wrestlemania's. A streak is continuous so the streak should really be from the first wrestlemania back.

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    So what is more important CM Punk's 415 title reign as WWE champ or Undertaker's 21-0 Streak?

    Me personally I would keep Punk as WWE Champion and put the WWE title on the line against Taker. Punk would trash talk Taker and say he never fought Taker at Wrestlemania and he is going to end his streak and he is so sure he will the WWE Title on the line in a TITLE VS STREAK. Now the part here would be PUNK to WIN and Retire Taker and then lose it the next night or at the PPV after Wrestlemania to somebody who really deserves it.

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    No. We'd never notice it if they never brought it up. We'd be focusing our attention on whatever the WWE was pushing at the time. It's all scripted and we know it, so I don't see why it'd stick out in our minds if WWE didn't even think it was important to bring up.

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    I don't really care about Taker's streak because its never going to end. Punk's is more exciting, trying to figure out who and when for the last several months.

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    I always wondered, at what point did WWE market the streak? when he went 5-0 and won the title against Psycho Sid? because I noticed when he beat Flair at X8 and he counted 10 with his fingers(and thumbs). then JR said he was now 10-0. I knew then he was gonna continue it big time. Did WWE notice his talent after beating Jake the Snake Roberts? or was it a must when he faced Snuka? Was 20-0 streak determined at WrestkleMania VIII? Kinda scary when you think about it.

    I have a feeling Taker will lose this year, because WWE or him, painted himself into a corner now, with the only way out is leaving ugly foot prints in his legacy that lead to the retirement door. His painted room forever tainted by the WrestleMania he wanted to work one last time. Damn you Sting, we could've had you and Taker at WrestleMania XXVII. (He said that was the most recent time he would've joined WWE, but instead he decided to work a very forgettable tag match against As&8s along with Bully Ray at TNA's "We're Playin' WrestleMania")

    But if it happens, and Taker ends his streak at 21-0, then I won't care, if his match is against CM Punk this year, then so be it, if Punk beats Taker, then he's gotta work twice as hard to and learn from everything he does because he's gonna have to live with the pressure of ending the Deadman's career. Sting's the only one who can fight Taker one last match. Hell in a Cell seemed like a good way to end it, but it turns out it was only an the end of an Attitude Era. Just another stepping stone now, he better make this 21st victory very, very, VERY memorable.(which would ONLY be for Sting to face him)

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    So let me get this straight. You're asking that if something isn't advertised as a big deal would people in turn not see it as a big deal?

    Seriously? Do you even think before you type?
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.


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