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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ziggles View Post
    Undertaker, if at Mania, Sting otherwise to build a potential Mania rematch.
    This right here. I could easily see Taker and Sting facing off at either WM or Survivor Series if it ever happened. If at Mania, Taker all the way, but if at Survivor Series, Sting, to set up a rematch

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    The Undertaker would be Sting in a Wrestlemania match; more like a dream match of course. Both man can never equally match in many reasons Sting is not a serious threat to the streak. Both men worked for different companies and were good during there times. If a match happens at Wrestlemania; I believe it would be "Once In A Lifetime." How current WWE product is and if Sting return (not possible) they would see how much money they would make. WWE would overplay the match which would give it a bad experience.

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    We say it would be a once in a lifetime match which is ironic since the match itself would feel like a lifetime. Would they both be wearing Tshirts during the match?


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