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    My WrestleMania 29 card

    This is a mix of what I think/want to happen at mania. Excuse me for any spelling errors

    1. PreShow for the US Title Cesaro (C) vs Jack Swagger
    Cesaro has been saying no American can beat him for the US Title, Maybe former world champ and returning face Jack Swagger could be the guy to beat him.

    Main Card

    2. Mysterio vs Sin Cara w/Hunico and Camacho
    Everyone says this is going to happen but I have Sin Cara turning heel due to the fact he is not really over as a face anyway. Maybe he could start a faction with Hunico and Camacho. Or perhaps Sin Cara could say he is jealous of Mysterio and has paid off Hunico and Camacho to jump Mysterio several times before various tag matches.

    3. Flo Rida vs Heath Slater w/Mahal and McIntyre
    This match looks like it is going to happen. Probably just Flo Rida squashing Slater, maybe if the match doesn't happen they would do a sing off of sorts that would lead Flo Rida embarrassing 3MB somehow.

    4. Divas Title Kaitlyn (C) vs AJ w/Big E Langston
    Due to the long standing friendship from NXT into the main WWE roster these 2 divas could face and see who the better person is at mania

    5. Tag Team Titles Rhodes Scholars (C) w/Aiden English vs Miz and Morrison
    I see Rhodes Scholars winning the tag titles around rumble/elim chamber time when Hell No eventually go their separate ways. Sandow has been looking for an apprentice and I think Aiden English from NXT would be a perfect fit due the amount of intelligence and class he shows during his matches. Also I think WWE may bring back a midcarder and if Morrison is one of those people then you might as well team him up with Miz.

    6. IC Title Barrett (C) vs Kane
    Just a big man match. If Barrett beat Kane at mania that would help elevate him and perhaps he could drop the IC title at a later date and be in the hunt for the world title sometime in the summer of 2013.

    7. Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan (Shield and Brad Maddox banned from ringside)
    dream match IMO, 2 great wrestlers going at it. I have a feeling Maddox would join the shield somehow and reveal he is part of the shield before mania. Just to make it fair one of the GM's ban the shield from ringside.

    8. Ryback vs Big Show
    People seem to say this match will happen just because WWE wants Ryback to have his "WrestleMania moment" by shellshocking Big Show. Perhaps Ryback could cost Big Show the World title at the chamber ppv. Big Show would eliminate Ryback but then Ryback gets mad and beats up Big Show which causes Del Rio to win. Big Show would then want his revenge on Ryback.

    9. World Title Ziggler (C) w/AJ and Big E Langston vs Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo
    Alberto Del Rio wins the elimination chamber match but Ziggler cashes in afterwards and wins the belt. Then Del Rio gets his re-match at mania

    10. Lesnar vs HHH No Holds Barred
    Lesnar comes back at the 20th anniversary of RAW and HHH returns too and wants revenge on Lesnar from summerslam and challenges him to a No Holds Barred match.

    11. Randy Orton vs Sheamus
    2 of the top faces on smackdown facing at mania. personally I think it would be a great match. They have sort of teased it on smackdown leading up the the rumble as well.

    12. WWE Title The Rock (C) vs Royal Rumble Winner John Cena
    Sounds like WWE are going to do this again with Cena winning the second time round. I don't really want to see it.
    Rock beats Punk at the rumble, retains in the chamber and the royal rumble winner Cena challenges the WWE Champ the Rock.

    Main Event
    13. Streak on the line Undertaker vs CM Punk
    WWE seam to make every undertaker mania match bigger and bigger each year. This is obviously a dream match and CM Punk has evolved a lot since their feud back in 2009. Why not have the man that has held the WWE Title for over 400+ days in a row challenge the deadman?
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    I say, that's a damn good card. I'd watch that.

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    Punk/Taker means nothing if the WWE title isn't on the line. Nobody will believe Punk has a shot if he doesn't have the title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinC00 View Post
    Punk/Taker means nothing if the WWE title isn't on the line. Nobody will believe Punk has a shot if he doesn't have the title.
    I agree with you. But I see WWE giving the belt to Rock just to put Cena over at mania.
    Cena has said he will be champ in 2013 and have several articles supporting that.

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    Decent card. I would rather have Cesaro in the main card than on the pre show

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    Looks good obviuosly but not enough variation and theres 12 matches on the main card? way too many- no more than 10. Otherwise the main events wont get enought time

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    All of these matches look interesting except for "Cena Vs. Rock II" and "Lesnar Vs. Triple H". Overall~ Nice card you have built here!
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    I'm still sticking with

    Lesnar vs Ryback..They will get into it tonight or during the rumble to set this up. They got to get their money out of Lesnar and what better of a way then to put over their new Goldberg and legitimize Ryback on the grandest stage. Everyone who has gotten a monster push has got a WM moment over on Big Show, true, but I think Lesnar would make a bigger impact since he's under contract.

    Cena vs Rock...Cena will screw over the Rock at the Rumble, since Rock did it to Cena twice. No heel turn, just get back. Punk retains. This sets up Cena Rock 2

    Undertaker vs Punk streak vs streak...Taker will win the Rumble and the next night on Raw while Punk is celebrating his win over the Rock the gongs will hit.

    Everything else is up in the air to me. But this is my big 3 prediction.
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    Well besides rock vs cena II and lesnar vs triple h II it is a decent card actually. lesnar vs triple h II would be a waste of lesnar and the same for rock with rock vs cena II.
    I think this is how wm29 should go:
    zach ryder vs the undertaker for the internet championship
    santino marella vs the rock for the wwe title
    the great khali vs big show for the whc championship in a sumo wrestling match
    eve vs mae young for the divas championship in a bras and panties match
    barrett vs primo
    cesaro vs jtg
    In my opinion this card would be awesome #justmyopinion


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