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    I do not see this a personal attack on me. I have no children yet, so I am just chiming in on my perception - that technology is an easy out for a lot of people who can't/won't make that extra effort.

    I think you may have misinterpreted my meaning, and in hindsight it was a poorly structured sentence (I am at work, in my defence!).
    I can see the point you were making Benny; which is why I tried my best to clarify that I did not think that these were your personal views, nor was it meant as being directed towards you. Your sentence was structured properly and I was doing everything I could think to provide you amnesty on the topic, regardless of your stance. I have just grown tired of hearing the statements (loosely associated with the ones you made) as a parent's (Not Benny’s) means to justify their lack of investment in their children.

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    Regardless, this here is the perfect example of what happens when you raise your kids via the method of TV, and shielding them from the outside world because they may get a boo-boo.
    Amen... Maybe a little more time invested into helping alo to grow would have helped him to turn out as something other than a spoiled kid who didn't get the cookie he wanted, thus resulting in the extensive effort to get his hand back in the cookie jar.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone


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