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    Iron Ape presents: The Aloisick Chronicles

    This thread is the tale of known crazy Aloisick hilariously attempting to bully his way back on to the board. This is his story:

    Quote Originally Posted by aloisick
    Seriously guys this has gone on long enough has it not?

    every single person has been given a second chance bar me and that is not in the spirit of E-Fedding now is it?

    Im asking for a second chance to right the wrongs largely caused by parties who have since been banned for the exact thing I complained about, bullying

    This ban has been on for about a year now have some compassion guys surely someone this keen on coming back deserves a second chance
    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape
    For starters, it's been 8 months, not a year.

    Most importantly, though, is that the other people who were given second chances never created multiple accounts to terrorize the board with and then threaten to continue to do such until we buckled and gave in to their every whim. For that, your PERMA BAN will be (surprise!) most permanent.

    That some other idiots may have engaged in what YOU perceived to be bullying in no way negates nor excuses the way that YOU responded to said situation. Problems with other users doesn't give YOU carte blanche to shift blame and then get a free pass to hold this place hostage for YOUR OWN selfish wants and needs. YOU and YOU alone are responsible for YOUR OWN ACTIONS and thus YOU will need to be the one that bears the brunt of the resultant consequences.

    I'm sorry that things didn't work out for your here. Might I suggest that you handle yourself completely differently should these situations arise again for you in your future Internet Wrestling Community endeavors.

    Happy holidays from all of us here at EWN.

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