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    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88 View Post
    Well here is how i see it. The shield will likely disband somewhere between wrestlemania and summerslam. I see rollins and ambrose getting singles pushes, and unless reigns gets a mouth piece, i see him fairing the way of mason ryan.
    I think Reigns has better mic skills than Mason Ryan to be honest, and WWE are apparently high on him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkside ron garvin View Post
    so we're already predicting the shields end and they've been in existence for how long? Can we as fans ever just stop and enjoy the product every once in a while without having to dissect each and every possible outcome we can think of, followed by the inevitable "dammit wwe! You fucked ____ up!" rants?

    what this guy said

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    Quote Originally Posted by mankindsocko View Post
    what this guy said
    Well this isn't surprising.... I think they will run through most of 2013 with Survivor Series being their last match together..... Give them the tag titles one or 2 times, before breaking them up....
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    i could see reigns being the face tbh.

    [thinks about midcard]

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE HEARTBREAK KID View Post
    This ^ You just summed up everything that's wrong with the majority of wrestling fans these days IMO.
    im a huge fan of wwe over all eras except the ones before i was born but is it wrong to already know what the hell the wwe is gonna do with awesome ideas that ehy have ! am i predicting the demise tomorrow no !!!! im sayin it will end and hopefully not soon! but it will im just curious to see how real fans , if you call yourselves that , think it will end
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    I think Reigns has better mic skills than Mason Ryan to be honest, and WWE are apparently high on him.
    By a nice clearly country mile he has better mic skills than Ryan.

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    Looking at them in individual prospects

    Reigns, remains heel, could go after the WH Title with no problem if he can work on his mic skills. Could easily go and contend against guys like: Kane, Orton, Ryback...

    Rollins, face turn, goes on to win either the IC or US title very soon. Making him an easy mid-carder for a good amount of time. Good opponent for guys like Slater, McIntyre, Sandow,...

    Ambrose, with the way he performs and sells (TLC with the double move by ryback onto the ladder) I could see him become somewhat a tweener with a more heelish playbook. Wouldn't mind seeing him to the top, good guy for extreme rules matches, falls count anywhere matches, etc...

    I could also see Rollins and Ambrose stick together and go after the Tag Titles. Sort of like Slater and Gabriel after the corre and Otunga and McGillicutty after Nexus.

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    I always thought in my head that The Shield would break up due to ambrose, like say gradually over the months he gets a little crazier, more questionable, he then starts to control the shield and Rollins and Roman start getting sceptical. mean whilst Dean Ambrose is forcing the other members to help him in his deranged ordeals.

    it get's too much for lil' Rollins and Roman so they break away from Ambrose. Ambrose goes on to be a deranged Heel in the main event, lets say Rollins and Roman become a babyface tag team for a whilst, maybe not win the titles but yeah, later on Rollins wins a mid-card title then BOOM Roman turns on Rollins sparking a mid card feud and they go on from there. phew i do love to blabber on don't I. well a guy can dream

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    I like their insurgence...but there is strength in numbers! Keep them together, but more as an NWO, 4-Horsemen type group! If you break'em up, they'll just be another Nexus! Other then Ryback and Barrett, there has been no success with these guys.

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    I don't want to see The Shield break up in the near future. I'd rather see Rollins and Reigns become the tag champions and see Ambrose have a Heavyweight title run. Then see all three of them go after the WWE champ. However, if they do break up, then I'd like to see Rollins and Ambrose at the top. I've got nothing against Reigns, but nothing for him either.
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