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    John Cena as the face of Fruity Pebbles

    You know, for decades, and I mean DECADES, Fred Flintstone has been the face of Fruity Pebbles. I know he has his critics, and some would suggest that he isn't PG enough given his previous career in television, but I was a fan.

    When it came to the breakfast table, the guy was putting asses in seats for years. As a kid, I remember rooting for him on the TV commericals. Literally making money every time he was in front of the camera. He was the iconic hero that always triumphed over the villian.

    Speaking of villians, I hated Barney Rubble with a passion. Always trying to steal Fred's Pebbles! But I was a mark then, and didn't understand the scripted nature of the product. These days I realize Rubble was a true heel, and deserves the Breakfast Hall of Fame for his work.

    But now, after all these years, why is Post trying to fix something that isn't broken? Flintstone has single-handedly carried that company on his back, and he's done it all with a character that everyone can relate to! Who dosen't relate to a blue collar caveman that watches drive-in movies with a pink dinosaur? Now THAT'S old school.

    I guess all good things have to come to an end. Post must be in it for the money, because now they're going to shove Cena, and the cereal, down our throats for years to come. None of us wanted this, none of us are prepared for this, and to be honest, none of us should accept this. But unfortunately, a majority of us will continue to put up with whatever Post is selling us.

    I mean, Mother of God, he only knows 5 fucking flavors!


    The point is, John Cena is a poor replacement for Fred Flintstone. An era has ended. This WILL turn off alot of old-school fans. Myself included. I think it's time we all switched to Captain Crunch.


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