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    I don't know who should win. My guess is Ryback will win. I would like to see Hell No lose the titles before RR than if Daniel Bryan got the surprise victory by eliminating Cena or Ryback which led to Ziggler vs Bryan at Wrestlemania.

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    Winner: Ryback
    Final Two: Sheamus & Ryback
    Final Four: Sheamus, Ryback, Cena, Cesaro
    Starters: DB & Tyson Kidd or Gabriel
    Alumni (you could choose more than one) hopefully JBL to see another Clothsline to Slater.
    No.30: Sheamus

    obviously, i see the e teasing us with a sheamus repeat. but just like last year, i think the winner is fairly obvious.

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    winner: rybackfinal 2: ryback and cena (to get iwc mad and make them think cena is going to win lol)final 4: ryback, cena, zipper and one of the member of the shieldnumber 30: del rios (go after ziggler for cashing it in on him) he replace someone in the rumble (due to shield jumping the og number 30 of the rumble)
    i am only one that put a real pic of himself lol i guess i am the sexy man in this forum lol

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    I don't mean this in a hostile way, but how does anyone see Ryback winning the Rumble? Which Champion would he go on and face? It doesn't make any sense to me.

    I highly highly highly doubt Ryback gets the nod for a One on One match for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania. Especially with Rock, Cena, and Punk crowding that scenario.

    I'm still a firm believer we'll get Ryback vs Big Show at WM. That way, Ryback doesn't need to be in the title picture, but he can still look like a beast and have his Mania moment.

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    Winner: Randy Orton

    Final Two: Randy Orton and John Cena

    Final Four: Orton, Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus

    Starters: Bryan and Kidd

    Alumni: JBL, Booker T, Benjamin, MVP and etc.

    NO.30: Ryback

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    Before Wade Barrett won the Intercontinental Title I was picking him as my Royal Rumble winner. I'm sure he still could win the Royal Rumble, but would WWE want him to have the IC Title still? If Wade did win he would probably challenge for the World Heavyweight Title. Maybe if he won the rumble he would drop the IC Title somehow, possibly before Royal Rumble or leading up to Mania, I doubt WWE would let him go into Mania as the IC Champ challenging for the World Heavyweight Title. I already know WWE would not think twice about doing that. My gut is telling me Wade is gonna be in Wrestlemania but as the Intercontinental Champion defending his title. Honestly, im been high on Wade Barrett ever since he made his WWE debut. I hope he stays heel. I think he would make a great WWE/World Heavyweight Champion.

    For some reason I have a feeling Ryback won't win the rumble. The Shield will interfere and get him eliminated. Either that would happen or the Shield would be in the Royal Rumble match and work together to get Ryback eliminated. I could see Ryback vs. Big Show at Mania happening like many other people. Ryback is a favorite by a lot of fans to win the Royal Rumble, but for some reason I have this feeling John Cena is going to win the Royal Rumble possibly. He's not my official pick to win I just have that feeling he could win.

    I don't hate John Cena I respect him. I respect everything he has done for the WWE during his career, but I have a feeling he could win the Royal Rumble then go after the WWE Title which could possibly be held by the Rock. Not to long ago I had a feeling Cm Punk would retain the WWE Title vs the Rock at Royal Rumble, but after hearing about the Rocks latest dates and appearances I think the Rock will win the belt. I think he can actually hold the belt going into Mania. Personally, I really hope WWE don't spend a Royal Rumble win on Cena I would rather someone else get the win preferably someone who has never won the Royal Rumble or a younger superstar.

    John Cena vs. the Rock could still happen at Mania and Cena wouldn't even have to win the Royal Rumble, if Cena wins the Royal Rumble match I won't be surprised. If the Royal Rumble winner goes after the World Heavyweight Title there could be a tournament, or number 1 contender matches for the WWE Title to decide who goes to Wrestlemania to fight for the title.

    Currently, I am still thinking about who will all be in the Royal Rumble all 30 entries. The good thing is we already know Antonio Censaro, Drew Mcintyre, Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater, Randy Orton, Sheamus, John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler will be in the Royal Rumble so that helps narrow it down a little bit.

    I am still thinking about my surprise entrants. Surprise entrants that could show up could be JBL, Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry, Brock Lesnar, Christian, MVP, Jack Swagger, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, Triple H, Undertaker. Obviously not all of these guy's would show up but possibly a few of them. Two other guy's I would personally like to see in the match are Sycho Sid, and Ricky Steamboat (the man looks like he can still go.)
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    Winner: zack ryder

    Final Two: zack ryder and cesaro

    Final Four: ryder, cesaro, big show, sheamus

    Starters: zack ryder, undertaker

    Alumni: booker t, rikishi, john laurinitis, vince mcmahon

    NO.30: ryback
    IMO i would love for this to happen, then ryder to fight rock for the wwe title come wm time! I would see this, no joke. why? because hes my fav wrestler and i think hes capable of leading the wwe regardless of his downpush. Hes got great potential, why not invest in it instead of making the same old people win?
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    I don't mean this in a hostile way, but how does anyone see Ryback winning the Rumble? Which Champion would he go on and face? It doesn't make any sense to me.
    they are pushing him to become the next megastar...whether it works or not, who knows. but they are going to try.

    skippy seems to be over with the kiddies and pre teens, so there you have it, another pg star to sell armbands. just like with sheamus' monster push last year, it is an almost identical path as the wwe/f has followed in creating mega faces for decades.

    the kiddies already have cena, sheamus, and orton merchandise, time to sell them someone new.

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    ORTON Will win d rumble...

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    CM Punk's Time to Win The Rumble!

    Wass up people!? Been gone for a while. I guess at this moment one topic that is probably getting of everybody's nerve is Royal Rumble/Punk-Rock/Wrestlemania, right? Like I said, havent been here latelly, so I didnt see/hear/read what you fellas had to say.

    Whatever, time for you to hear *ME* out

    I think CM Punk should win this year's Royal Rumble. After he drops the Belt to The Rock at the same PPV (because I really think he should lose it...there. He's facing The Rock), Punk enters the Rumble match (but hear me out) he wins it with *THE HELP* from The Shield. That could FINALLY prove that Punk indeed had a lot to do with them in the first place.

    And now, he's going after The Rock. Lose the tittle at RR, and then go to Wrestlemania as a contender, but as the winner of the Rumble could make a Rock vs Punk II, even more interresting IMO. And, we're talking about wrestlemania here. Punk after his long tittle run, winning RR would make him STRONGER even after drop the belt.

    Unless, they have other thing on their mind. What Rock vs Cena II? What for? Why? I dont wanna see that.

    My Opinion!

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