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    Graves or Kruger are my picks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLWWEFan View Post
    Graves or Kruger are my picks.
    Yeah after watching the video on the NXT thread (Cheap plug wahaa) I think it will be Dallas vs. Kruger with Kruger winning he is supposedly the next guy they want to call up.

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    The favorites by clear daylight are Dallas and Kruger IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FLWWEFan View Post
    Graves or Kruger are my picks.
    I love Kruger's character, especially after watching his 'Evil' Promo
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post
    I love Kruger's character, especially after watching his 'Evil' Promo
    Yeah his new character is better then his old character he previously had which was some sort of King of Africa type gimmick.

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    For all those saying about Ohno and Steamboat; Why would they bring them up? They've just lost four of their "top" talents from NXT. It's not a wise idea to call EVERYONE you think is ready up at once because others may get caught in the shuffle. Big E's debut is underwhelming due to shield (just my opinion but i liked the guy on nxt but i just don't care enough about him on the main roster because in comparison to the other debutants, he's just not as interesting). I'd rather see people like wyatt, ohno, steamboat and xavier woods come up gradually, once the shield and langston have settled. I see no point calling up 8 people and 4 getting lost in the shuffle - this has happened to bigger names than themselves in the past.
    Recently, in 2012, we have seen the debut of Cesaro, Maddox, Sandow, Shield and Langston.
    2011 we had clay, hunico, camacho, sin cara, Prime time players and mason ryan

    One example of being called up during a congested period is Fandago. Clearly they had a plan, but they were pushing way too many news faces. THere's also the "nxt" effect, where they called up two seasons worth of talent in quick succession, which saw wwe take in a lot of new talent in 2010/2011. Whilst many like Barrett, Bryan, Sheffield, young and titus, slater, otunga, Clay and gabriel have gone on to have good runs so far, there are many that haven't done a lot and got lost pretty quickly. Examples are Alex Riley, McGillicutty, Harris, watson, o'brian, saxton, Curtis and bateman. Then you have those that were rated highly like Kaval being given a stupid gimimck that lead to him leaving. Others like Eli cottonwood, lucky cannon. novak and michael tarver were cut off pretty quickly too.
    What my rant was meant to higlight is that basically, it's not wise to call all of their top talents up at once!
    On topic, I could imagine Kruger, woods, dallas or neville being in there. Neville is pretty new though, which may be a reason to keep him off main shows for now, call him up after wrestlemania is cleared.
    Kruger could possibly come in as a relative unknown (to casual viewers) and eliminate a few (or biggish name) to cause a stir perhaps.

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    Dallas was by far not the worst talker in that bunch. Harper seems to be just rounding out the numbers.

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    Reading the prediction contest.. Does everyone think Cena winning The Royal Rumble? It just seems way to obvious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    Reading the prediction contest.. Does everyone think Cena winning The Royal Rumble? It just seems way to obvious.
    If so,IDK why...It is way too hard to predict this year...Sure Cena could win "Twice in a lifetime" Rock V Cena 2...But it could still happen and there's SEVERAL possible guys that could win the rumble IMO...After all even if Cena doesn't win...There will still be a no. 1 contender to the WWE Title if the winner goes for the WHC ....Ryback,Undertaker,Ziggler,Orton is being talked up BIG as wanting to win,Sheamus is always likely,plus there's always the chance of someone who's been injured making the "Big triumphant return at the Rumble,overcoming 29 men to go all the way and solidify his return that took 6 + monthes.
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    corey graves will win


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