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    Randy otton as he will go in to WM against Ziggle who will cash in mitb and will be whc then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Playboy Stevie V View Post
    Undertaker will be a surprise entrant and win, setting up WM streak vs title streak at WM.

    Mark it and put me down for $100.
    also this......

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    Personally i think christian should win royal rumble as he deserves to main event mania and win against whoever is champion (not ziggler) i personally think ziggler will cash in after whc match at mania and win and set up feud between two. if not undertaker returns and wins rumble and challenges punk for streak vs title match

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    Just throwing it out here if it hasn't.


    Undertaker returns to win the royal rumble and faces CM punk at wrestlemania for the wwe championship where Cm punk defeats the undertaker. The Undertaker's Streak Ends.

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    It's really open this year. I could see any of the following: Cena, Ryback, Undertaker, Lesnar, Christian, Sheamus, Barrett, Orton, Miz, Del Rio or Jericho. I'm loving the unpredictablity. That's 11 names who I think would all make sense and have a possibility. I think we're in for an exciting rumble.

    If I had to make a pick I'd say Cena or Orton is most likely, while I'd enjoy Undertaker or Jericho the most.
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    I really want to see Jericho winning the Rumble and feud with Ziggler at WM but i don't think this will happen.


    Cena winning the Rumble and face the Rock for the title at WM will be good to see too

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    Undertaker would be really nice, he is the one worthy of stopping punk reign and still make punk look good.

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    Kane WM29

    This is by no means my real prediction but something I think would be cool. How bout Kane wins the royal rumble and big show is still world champion come WM. It would have Kane finally win the royal rumble something I think he really deserves and it would finally have him win a world title at WM. Of course it wouldn't be long until dolph cashed in but it still would be cool and unexpected.

    But I still think it will be (RR winner) Ryback vs Big Show for the world title and i aint changing that unless the royal rumble proves me wrong.
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    Is randy orton out for the rumble? he's injured... but that kind of makes me assume he will come back and win it.

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    I was pissed when Austin won the Rumble and Kane was eliminated back in 01. A lot of people may not like it, but I hope that Kane could win The Royal Rumble, and Taker held the world title at mania. And Kane faces Undertaker in Undertakers retirement match. I know they wrestled a lot before, but I feel Kane should retire the Deadman.


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