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    Create your Own ROH Vs WWE Card

    If WWE and ROH had a ppv together what would be the matches on your card?

    Kevin Steen Vs CM Punk- These two are the top wrestlers in each company, both great world champions, should be hard-hitting battle.

    Davey Richards Vs Randy Orton- Two very intense wrestlers, I believe these two could put on a clinic if it goes at least 30 mins.

    Michael Elgin Vs Ryback- two beast going at it. Simple.

    Eddie Edwards Vs William Regal- A very stiff battle, with two great submission wrestlers as well. Old Vs Young as well.

    Dolph Ziggler Vs Adam Cole- I think these two could put on a crazy awesome match. These two can wrestle technically, and both are relatively young, and both are the future of wrestling.

    Team Hell No Vs The Briscoe Bros. - Two great tag teams, both tag team champions in their respective companies, this should be an excellent tag team match.

    Sheamus Vs Roderick Strong- Though Roderick Strong is small he has proven he can hang with the baddest and the meanest in ROH, it would be a great match if he where to wrestle Sheamus.

    El Generico Vs John Cena- Yes El Generico is like the heart and soul of ROH and John Cena is the heart and soul in the WWE. I believe it would be a unique match, and would definitely main event my ppv if this where to happen.

    Well this is my card, give your an opinions, and idea of a ROH Vs WWE Card.

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    Right off the top of my head

    Mike Bennett and Maria vs Ziggler and AJ or Ziggler w/AJ vs Bennett w/Maria

    Jay Lethal vs Kofi Kingston

    Ciampa vs Rollins

    Steen vs Punk of course

    And that's about it right now I'll be sure to add more as I think them up.
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    Elgin vs. Ryback vs. Langston

    Steen vs. Cena (for shits and giggles) with Steen still having creative control of his character via YouTube videos

    Jacobs vs. Ambrose

    Strong vs. Rhodes.

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