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    2012 Pay Per Views - What did you think of them?

    I have seen and heard alot of people saying there favorite ppv of 2012 but now i really want to see what everyone thinks about and which one of the 2012 PPV's actually gets the most votes. Just say your top 3 of the year and say why or dont say why you picked them and ill leave this open for a while and ill come back and we will see what the result is.

    My Top 3:

    1# Extreme Rules: Need i say much about this. This ppv was easily one of the best cards with the best matches i have seen come from a wwe ppv for a long time and not to mention for the superstars to pull this of coming off a also stacked and incredible wrestlemania 28 which had record high buys is a legendary feat to say the least.

    2# Wrestlemania 28: Awesome feel, electricity and atmosphere with 3 of the best matches i have seen in a long time. Undertaker vs Triple H was beyond words it was easily a 5 star match and was truly end of a Era.

    3# TLC: A very good end to the year 2012. TLC done what alot of wwe ppv's does not do, it helped build up and coming superstars. The Shield won in incredible fashion while keeping Ryback looking strong, Alberto Del Rio and Miz continued there face turns, 3MB got PPV spot light, Kofi and Barret bring some prestige to the IC Title alongside Cesaro keeping his American domination alive and well.

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    I've found them extremely repetitive. especially Sheamus & Del Rio. HIAC, Survivor Series were kinda shit. The best matches of those PPVs are in their entirety on YouTube because those people know those PPVs full are not worth it. I don't blame the streamers. I'm a WWF fan and have faith in the new talent, but WWE bookings are so terrible. Less time on Cena, and more time on the future, because let's face it we've seen the extent of Cena in his career of a 10 year push, and it'll still be going strong for another 5 years. SHIELD proved they are the future crashing through the glass ceiling at TLC in their debut match, that they are the new Cena, Orton, and Batista of the next generation of young stars and future world champions. CM Punk and DBryan will be huge too. ROH is the future of WWE, like it or not.

    But the PPVs I like dso far are WrestleMania 28, Summer Slam, and TLC, atleast wehave stipulations in these PPVs, Summer Slam, it's more for Punk, HHH/LEsnar, and Y2J/Ziggler. WWE was down hill last year('12), but hopefully this year it will be much different for the better.


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