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    Live Event Stories

    I had some interesting stuff happen to me while I was at wresting events in the past, such as almost getting my Stone Cold Smoking Skull Title stolen. Witnessing 2 guys fight and one of them getting carried out by security kicking and screaming. lol. Having Hurricane point and laugh at my sign of his symbol, which I forgot how it looked when I made it. Got to sit RIGHT beside the ring bell at a SmackDown! taped event and getting a free Batista shirt to put over a WWF SmackDown! shirt I got from a Pilsner case. Got in a heated argument with a "wife beating redneck" wrester, that was his persona, but we kinda got into it.

    I'm sure there are many of yours you'd like to share. An also could be from anything else such as concerts, sit ins, hat not.

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