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    This year already sucks...

    Rant alert... I don't do this often but I need to get this off my chest.

    It's 2:17am, January 5th... only five days into 2013 and I'm already wishing this year was over. This last week has been miserable for my, almost every moment of it has sucked.

    I started January off by waking up at 5am to have to go to work and shovel and salt our entire 200 unit apartment complex, 13 inches of snow it took nearly four hours and I spent the rest of the day hunched over from it.

    Wednesday I got into my first accident because my truck skidded on teh snow and I backed into the freaking carpet cleaners van and had to wait around almost 40 minutes on the side of the road for the fucking cop to get there. Luckily there were no serious damages and the worst that came from it was my co-workers mocking me about it.

    Thursday I wound up getting into an argument with with our painter about politics and both of us got written up for it dissolving down into a shouting match between me and this fucking hickabilly who seems to honestly believe that since Obama took over the country has "Become no better then some third world dictatorship." And yes those are his exact words.

    And today, the cherry on top of this shitty week, I found myself hurrying down the stairs of the apartment I was cleaning, slipped, and wound up breaking my back molar apart causing a dazzling spray of pain. I had to rush to the dentist and got to sit there and get bitched at about how since I don't floss after every meal or don't walk around with toothpaste and a brush in my back pocket the tooth was in bad shape to begin with and will need to be pulled.

    Its been less then a full week and I'm already to call it quits for the year... if this is just the start of what my year will be like I seriously think I'm going to snap....

    Sorry, I just needed to get this out.
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    Through great hardship comes great pleasure afterwards.

    There's always going to troubles in life,its how we persevere through them that makes us who we are.
    "For the Druids' legends are true..."

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    You could either say "Well it can't get any worse!" and find acceptance in that or actually realise, it could be A LOT worse and flip your script to take this year by the balls and demand from it what you deserve.


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