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    Quote Originally Posted by Poot-Hair View Post
    Kayden James: Stay retired. Was a crap character to begin with

    Elliott Bonebreak: Have a public execution. Was an even crappier character.

    RedBuM: Cameo appearances just to aggravated R(ob), but only when someone else writes for him
    A mad scientist named Dr. Templeward gets the remains of Elliott Bonebreak and places them in cold storage. He hunts down Kayden James and kidnaps him. He drugs him and begins his experiments on him. Takes pieces off here, scalpels some brain there... finally he brings out Bonebreak and cuts matching pieces from him and puts them onto Kayden. Brain, heart, everything meshed into one. Finally, he gets the table set up as a conduit for electric charge and BLAM lightning hits!!! We now have Kayden Bonebreak! Zombie warrior!

    RedBuM the hapless assistant to Dr. Templeward brings out a tv on a rolling cart. Dr. Templeward shows him the people that have wronged him. That have made fun of him... made him transfer from High School to High School to get away from their bullying.... College to College as well. The majority it had turned out, became professional wrestlers. Many went on to have degrees elsewhere and many went to professional sports but, there were in total 15 professional wrestlers.

    And they were scattered through many different places. EWNCW, JBW, BITW, TWE... everywhere. And now Dr. Templeward wants him to find them. To beat and make public embarrassment as they did him. He wants them to suffer. It's time for Kayden Bonebreak to get revenge!


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