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    lots of racial stereotypes around here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by helmsley View Post
    i dont know, i guess i actually rather see henry in the hall of pain gimmick, its the most entertaining he has done in years!, but maybe if he had that gangster gimmick in some sort of stable ot could work
    Okay I guess you're right, given that his Hall of Pain gimmick is the only one that ever really mattered.

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    I don't really like Zack Ryder but if anybody in the WWE is in need of a character overhaul, it's him.

    Jack Swagger needs a new character.

    I think The Miz needs a slight character change. He's good right now but he's starting to bore me a bit. And I like The Miz.

    Brodus Clay's whole Funkasaurus thing needs to go! It'll be good for him as a singles competitor and good for Cameron and Naomi as a tag team. (I know no one else cares about them but I do.)

    Drew McIntyre... It pains me to see him in 3MB. I like him, but I HATE the gimmick!
    I want to know who looked at David Otunga and said "You know something? This guy's good." They deserve to be fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LostOmega View Post
    Drew McIntyre... It pains me to see him in 3MB. I like him, but I HATE the gimmick!
    Totally agree. The 3MB gimmick isn't bad but why Mahal and McIntyre? Surely there were others that wouldn't make it look so stupid...


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