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    Talking Diva-Lution?

    Not even 24 hours ago, my friend, Ross, and I had a long discussion about the WWE (as all fans do, obviously) and how storylines could be better. What was a discussion about Cena and Triple H heel turns, turned into how the Divas Division could be become an awesome focal point in WWE.

    He said, and I quote, "Mate...has there ever been a Divas Faction? You Evolution, but with Divas? Like Diva-Lution or something" (then we laughed). But as he continued, the topic of Divas (for the first time in years) actually became interesting.

    Now, as you see, I have written in the first paragraph "What was a discussion about Cena and Triple H heel turns..." let me touch upon this for a second in regards to my point in this thread post. He wants John Cena to beat The Rock at Wrestlemania, and turn heel following the match (which WON'T happen Ross!). Then, eventually, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would overthrow Vince McMahon as owners of the WWE, turn heel also, and join John Cena in a new super-faction.

    As we talked and talked about his grand idea, we wondered who could join the group. I suggested Eve at one point of the conversation, and have her be Stephanie's assistant and have them be the two top heel divas, collectively, in WWE. When Ross heard this, he replied "That's an idea! And what if, also, CM Punk brought in his real-life girlfriend Lita and THEY joined the faction as heels, maybe along with Ziggler and AJ Lee?"

    I knew he was on to something when he was more excited about having Stephanie McMahon, Eve, Lita and AJ in one faction, than Cena, Ziggler, HHH and Punk on the same team. That's when Ross devised the idea of "Diva-Lution". Diva-Lution would be the top divas in WWE in one group, as woman on top (possible faction tag line?)

    My point: is it about time we see an all-Divas Faction? I, for one, am a HUGE fan of the idea...what do you guys think? (apologies for the blog length post!)


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