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    This wasn't the greatest moment of 2012, but the pop was pretty great

    [thinks about midcard]

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    Brock Lesnar's return and him busting Cena open and breaking HHH's arm.

    Good times!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Dandy LWO View Post
    Personally I think that there wasa couple of moment in 12 that was really stood out for me lesnar returning being one and atrian coming back as tensai which shocked the Internet and cm punks pipe Bomb on cena and saying wwe is better when Vince dies. The shield is awesome cuz the rocks brother is in it and they are really gods at beating people up and give tht nwo factor that was missin in wwe for so long? In Tna the moments woulda have to be Devon as the leader of a&8s and luck gallows hitting sting with a hammer, and Rick flare retiring to raw, that was the good 2012 moments for me
    this was 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.


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