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    Has TNA forgotten what brought them to the dance?

    Let me tell ya, I got a story for yall. It goes a little something like this....TNA started the car in 2002. It wasn't a limo like WWE rides. It was more of a busted down car. That car went hit some bumps on the way to being the #2 company in wrestling. They focused on every division, hell at one point, fans felt that the X-Division title was the most prestigous title in the biz. They even added a knockouts division that was head and shoulders better than the other company's women's division. This company put on a show every night in matches that were so gimmicky that fans were scratching their head wondering how the match would end. However, fans still loved the effort and the matches they put on. They had the 6 sides of steel, Ultimate X, King of the Mountain among other great unique matches. They even got a TV and primetime deal. This wrestling company was rolling.

    That car was so pretty other wrestlers from the top company wanted to be a part of it. Legends like Sting, Lex Luger, DDP, Dusty Rhodes, Goldust, Kevin Nash, Sting, Kurt Angle, among others. However, the ultimate legend himself Hulk Hogan decided to come in and give this company that push it needed to be the top company in the world. His first night, they went live head to head with WWE. Did have a great show of returns like the Band, Jeff Hardy, Val Venis, and even the Nasty Boyz. Despite all these legends they brought in, they ended up having their worst ratings they ever had for Impact before the arrival of Hulk Hogan. They did 1.3s without them and til this day, they can't keep that mark they kept before.

    A legend came in taking the things that made TNA great. They had the young guns who he claimed he was going to push take a backseat to the likes of RVD, Mr.Anderson, Nasty Boyz, Himself, Flair, among others. That January 4th show had the best tag team in the business in the back shaking hands with the Nature Boy. Hogan than decided to get rid of the gimmicks like the King of the Mountain match that fans loved. Hardly get to see the Ultimate X matches anymore. Taken a great character like Abyss making him into a Eugene type of character. Constantly making mistakes with Fortune joining Legacy at first instead of having them feud with them in the first place. Which they ended up doing with Flair as a heel. No one wants to boo the Nature Boy. Than you push Garrett Bischoff while having the likes of AJ Styles and Hogan himself out there saying how big of a star and how much balls he has. Most of the best talent don't need other talent to tell the fans how big of a set they have. Fans know it by the effort they put out inside that squared circle.

    Has TNA forgotten what made them great? What took them to the heights they were? They were doing better without Hogan. They are trying to ride a limo they can't afford. WCW got to the top by being different. They didn't get to the top trying to be just like the other promotion. Hogan has came in and taken a lot of things that made TNA special. He took away things that helped bring TNA to those heights. We witnessed a knockouts title change hands via box in 2010. The tag division is at its worst it has ever been. I could go on, but I figure you get the point. Do you agree or disagree with the things I stated? If so, why or why not?

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