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    Dolph Ziggler has made me sad.

    Ziggler had about 10 minutes of mic time on the last raw of 2012. Judging by what I've seen him do on the mic outside of TV it sucked ass to be honest. He was outdone and outwitted on the mic by John Cena who he practically loathes in real life (just in case you weren't aware).

    On top of that, when the topic of Ziggler becoming one of the greats comes up, people are quick to say he lacks mic skill and I'm quick to defend him but at crucial times like the new year's toast he does me no favours.

    He has even more charisma and talent seen on TV but whether he's holding back or he's being told by the BOD's 'no you can't show up everyone like that' (which Cena even made a reference to), it's not making it's way to TV

    So people can empathise with me please watch the short videos of what Ziggler is capable of doing on the mic.

    0:28 - 1:34

    0:28 - 1:28

    4:06 - 4:46

    hopefully you watched or have seen those already and know what's being kept hidden

    thoughts? haha

    [thinks about midcard]

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